2013 Holiday Shopping Guide – For The Boozehound Who Has Everything

Octopus Sculpture Hip Flask by Elstwhen
Octopus Sculpture Hip Flask by Elstwhen
This flask brings out the pirate in me. If I am ever lost at sea, I hope this is full of rum.

The holidays are coming up way too fast.  I don’t know where the year went, but now is a great time to think about getting something special for that lovable drunk in your life.  This list mostly focuses on things for carrying your booze around (and for some reason a juicer for the boozehound that has everything…hey, the drunk wants what the drunk wants).  Anyway, I have linked the pictures to the sites where you can find these things.  In the next few weeks I will post more gifting essentials and non-essentials.

The Wine Check
Wondering how you will get that case of rum on the plane?
This isn’t the flask for the club, but it will look great on a rucksack.
On The Road Flask
This flask is a unique old world design that will bring a touch of elegance to your drinking.
Pirate gold!!!
This colonial or possibly pirate flask is unfortunately sold out everywhere, but I am still looking.
Just oranges? Heck no! This bad boy will juice pomegranates for that homemade batch of grenadine.

Another round?

Quick Tip #7 – Twelve Days of Mixology: Holiday Gift Guide

Good Wood

Drinking at Disneyland!

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