A Punch, a Thing of Beauty Be!

Come ye back from

the sea my friend, 

lest the scurvy

becomes your end.

Drink punch with lime,

and a ration of rum. 

A brimming bowl,

like a bucket of chum,

It will blithe your spirit

and cure your ill,

once you have bellied up

and drunk your fill!

-Boyd Rinksworld

 The punch in this video might be Jamaican or Barbadian (according to Wikipedia) in origin depending on who you ask, but the rhyme works well either way.

One of sour, two of sweet, three  of strong, and four of weak.

Two cups fresh lemon juice, four cups home-made grenadine, six cups Wray and Nephew white over-proof rum and eight cups water. (the grenadine I used was equal parts Pom Pomegranate Juice and sugar with some lemon peel tossed in while I heated on the stove to melt the sugar.)  The recipe makes twenty cups or one and one-quarter gallons of punch.  For my dark rum float I used Whalers Dark Rum and after the video I decided to garnish with fresh pineapple and brandied cherries.

Just remember that this is a guideline and just like any other cocktail, you should taste it first and see if it needs to be sweeter or more sour.  The grenadine I made was actually super sweet and it was a good thing that in the middle of the video I ran out, and only had enough for one and a half of sweet.  The punch was much better this way and it is a good lesson about ingredients and how they can vary.  The other thing I could have added to push this punch over the top would have been bitters or nutmeg as is common with punches of this sort.

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