Ain’t No Party Like a Tiki Party!

This year’s Tiki Oasis has been a smash!  Parties, people, atmosphere and wicked sugary hangovers are the norm with these fez-wearing and fun-loving folks.  This year’s theme is Exotic Espionage and Polynesian Pulp.  The hotel hallways are full of spies and secret agents who have made it their mission to get rum drinks into the hands of the people.  I really am impressed.  Hotel rooms are converted to party rooms with bars, music and lighting.

 Crawling room party to room party is great and sometimes the hallways in between break out into migrating scrums of drinking and revelry.

We met some great people and had a wild time.   My bitters were very popular and as always I am touched by the support and love of the drinking crowd.  The nice lady modeling my bitters bottle makes beautiful eye-popping corsets at Butterfly Frillies Corsets.


While I didn’t have a room of my own this year, Rob Burr and I busted out the travel bar and took over an ice machine.  In minutes, we had created a pop-up bar and were pushing punch and slugs of Plantation 5 year rum.  Huge thanks to Mark BergeJames TeitelbaumDave Stolteand many, many others for stopping by.  We got lots of love and had loads of fun – can’t wait to pop up again somewhere soon.

Ready for Another Round?

– Quick Tip #5: Party Cocktail Rules

– Recipe: The Cherry Reviver

– Recipe: Punch, a Thing of Beauty Be!

8 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like a Tiki Party!

    • boydrinksworld Reply

      Good times and there ain’t no party like a hallway party. We will definitely step up the rum game next year. I like your work and you look good in it. I hope some of my readers pop by your site.

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