BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice Campaign Update #2


Ok, time for a quick update as we start the final two weeks of the campaign!  So far we’ve gotten some generous donations and have been pounding the pavement at Tiki Oasis, Harbor Town Pub, and the San Diego Spirits Fest to get the word out about BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice.  We are so excited to have people trying this product and have been getting a great response, but in order to get this “all or nothing” campaign to $8,000 we need your help!

To help sweeten the pot, we are adding some rum-based goodness to our prizes.  The fine folks at Papa’s Pilar Rum (who had me pouring drinks today at the Make-a-Wish Foundation Tuna Challenge) have given us some awesome Papa’s Pilar schwag, which I am pairing with a set of hand-stamped tiki coasters (pictured above).

For the first 15 donors that contribute $75 or more to the campaign, I will throw a Papa’s Pilar Rum hat pictured above and a set of tiki coasters in their package at no additional cost.  For those of you who have already donated $75 or more, THANK YOU and this prize will be automatically added to your package. If you have already gotten a $50 or $60 kit, order another bottle of serrano to have this reward automatically added to your package!



Our friends over at are also helping to spread the word by raffling off a prize for people who support this campaign! Just go to Superficial Gallery and let them know you supported us by either sharing the link or donating to the campaign, and you will be entered to win a bad ass breathalyzer device for your mobile phone valued at $50.  As a reminder, The Year of Halloween is also giving away two (signed by me!) copies of the Boy Drinks World craft cocktail recipe book “13 Halloween Cocktails” to supporters of this campaign.



Please contribute, spread the word, and ask you friends to contribute! Truly, every donation and share helps. I know you all believe in Serrano Cocktail Spice, but we have a long way to go in just two weeks, so let’s make this happen!

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