BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice Campaign Update


Coming straight from my “Bitter Side of Tiki” seminar at this weekend’s Tiki Oasis, I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has contributed at SPICEMYBEER.COM so far and supported by sharing the campaign! We still have a long way to go but are doing great!  We have some awesome updates and events coming up, so check out the video below and read on, BDW supporters!

What’s new with SPICEMYBEER.COM??

More Prizes!

Our friends over at The Year of Halloween are raffling off two signed BDW Halloween Craft Cocktail recipe books for supporters of the campaign.  You can also get two FREE recipe ecards using BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice just for stopping by.  Go to The Year of Halloween and let them know that you’re a supporter! Stay tuned next week for great additional rewards being added to the campaign from the great folks at Papa’s Pilar Rum!


Friday night is Serrano Beer Night in San Diego! Stop by Harbor Town Pub tomorrow from 5pm to 8pm on August 22nd for a chance to try Serrano Cocktail Spice in a variety of beers.  Support the BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice campaign by showing up and you’ll be entered to win a variety of cool BDW schwag.

Serrano Cocktail Spice in the News!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters at a variety of cocktail, cooking, and lifestyle websites, BDW is blowing up in the news.  You can find more coverage of the BDW campaign at A Mountain of Crushed IceA Drink With ForrestTartines to Tikis and Superficial Gallery. Thanks to everyone for their friendship and assistance in bringing this great product to market!

Don’t forget to keep getting the word out to people about the campaign at! We’ve made great process but still have a long way to go before the campaign ends in two weeks.

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