Big Apple

As an apple brandy addict I am always  looking for a way to use apple brandy or calvados.  I also like whiskey and just about anything you might set in front of me but I like to emphasize drinking well and few classic cocktails emphasize drinking well like a Manhattan.  A well made Manhattan is complex and well-balanced.  Rye whisky, Carpano Antica vermouth and Angostura bitters round out my recipe in a two to one and dash dash dash ratio.  I have found reference to a applejack Manhattan  and the more I read it seems old-time bartenders mixed vermouth with almost everything.  This is a great way to use up a bottle before it goes bad and I try to do the same thing.  It just so happens that I have a large bottle of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth and am trying to use as much as possible before it goes bad.  I made a Manhattan with Calvados, Carpano Antica and  Orange bitters to round out the spicy fruit.  To me it tasted like a holiday bomb. A garnish with an orange twist would round out the aromatics nicely with a mist of orange oil. 

This is not a new idea but it was a great drink.  I propose as a brandy Manhattan is called a metropolitan we call an apple brandy Manhattan a BIG APPLE.

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