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Well, it is all happening very fast.  Boy Drinks World is a business.  I was delivered my first order of commercial grade 190 proof NGA (neutral grain alcohol).  I spent my morning in my rented lab (kitchen) hard at work drying citrus peel and chopping serrano peppers.  I am going to have to work quick to get these batches done in time to submit my samples to the TTB (Tax and Trade Board) before I leave for Tales of the Cocktail.  On top of all that I plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to secure the funding I need in order start actual production.  The good news is that of this all means we should only be a few short months away from being able to provide our bitters to a thirsty world.  In order to keep up with these fast-moving developments be sure to subscribe to this blog, follow me on twitter, like me on Facebook or just send me an email.

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