Grenadine Made Easy

Recently when preparing to make my Pirate Punch I decided to make a batch of grenadine to fulfill the sweet element in the punch.  Not knowing were to begin I reached for my bookshelf.  The book I grabbed was PDT by Jim Meehan.  The house recipe for grenadine at the PDT bar in New York is and easy one.  Equal parts Pom pomegranate Juice and sugar, shaken in a bottle untill the sugar dissolves.  I made mine similarly, but I just had to complicate things by using the stove.  I poured a 16 ounce bottle of Pom into a pot and added two cups of Trader Joe’s organic sugar.  I then zested a lemon with a potato peeler over the pot and tossed the peel in and heated the pot until the sugar had completely dissolved while stirring occasionally.   After that I removed the pot from the heat and let the grenadine syrup cool.  Once cooled I removed the lemon peel and poured my syrup into a clean swing-top bottle and tossed it in the refrigerator.

The grenadine had a great flavor and made a really interesting punch, but in the middle of filming I ran out of grenadine a full cup shy of the called for amount.  Major oops, right?  Too many test punches, right?  Actually the punch was better with a little less sweetness.  This recipe made a very sweet grenadine and a little goes a long way.  Remember that any time you make something like this at home your results may vary.  The particular sugar you use, how long you heat it or even the weather can affect the result a little.  I recommend that you test it out in some cocktails as soon as possible.  You can change the ratio of the drink if necessary to maintain balance.  I don’t like my drinks very sweet and therefore next time I make grenadine I will complicate things further by changing the recipe and using less sugar.

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  1. Scientist McGee Reply

    How long do you think the homemade grenadine will last in the fridge?

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