Is cheap booze bad booze?

In an age of overpriced vodkas and huge strides in marketing, prices seem distorted and inflated.  Maybe things have always been this way.  I by no means claim to be an expert, but I wonder how much of the price we pay for “premium” liquor is just in the name or packaging.  Patron tequila comes to mind.  Patron is a fine tequila, however the premium price and popularity does not really mean that it is the best tequila.  Most experts that I have talked to say that it isn’t even close.  In my mind  Bombay Sapphire is the same type of thing, blue bottles and marketing.  I don’t actually like the stuff.

So what about the cheap stuff?  Sure a bottle of Popov vodka will give me a horrid headache, but what about good things at good prices?  There seem to be some products out there that fly under the radar.  Rebel Yell Bourbon for example is only ten to thirteen dollars a bottle.  Trader Joe’s Rear Admiral Joseph’s London Dry Gin is a personal favorite at $7.99.   There are numerous products out there, various prices and quality levels.  I  hope to shed more light on good deals as I find them.  I will pay for quality, I am snobby for booze and I relish my fancy shiny bottles but I don’t like to get ripped off.

The real question is, what are we drinking and how much are we paying for it.   Better, why are we paying so much for it?  I am not a cheap skate but in these trying economic times we should be smarter about what we are spending on booze.  I really believe life is too short to drink cheap crap.  It is certainly a jungle out there and cheap does not always equal crap.  The Liquor store shelves are always full of shiny bottles.

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