Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

If you find yourself in south Florida this weekend, stop by the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival!  You can taste almost 200 rums, and come see me teach my first seminar, “The Rum Drinker’s Guide to Bitters.”  Check out the class description below and my bio below!

Bitters and tinctures are designed to aid home and professional bartenders in bringing balance and zest to their cocktails – adding perhaps the perfect final element to a well-crafted rum drink. In this class, you will get an introduction to cocktail bitters and the bitters creation process. A brief synopsis on the history and use of cocktail bitters will be followed by a demonstration on how to make your own bitters. During the class bitters will be available to taste and potentially take home, as well as a selection of rum recipes featuring cocktail bitters.

Ram Udwin is a bitters maker, a booze blogger and a cocktail man, dedicated to the study and better enjoyment of spirited libations. Enthusiastic about all things related to drinking well, Ram makes numerous infusions and bitters as well as homemade syrups, cherries and liquors, although he is fond of saying that the two best cocktail ingredients are research and practice. When he’s not in the bar or in the kitchen, you can find Ram at, so named to honor the constant sense of wonder felt by trying to drink the world in.

miami rum renaissance

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