Ok! Time for an update.

Last week I went on a mission of liquor store exploration .  I found some cool old bottles.  The second bottle of Paul Mason Cocktail Sherry was unfortunately bad.  The bottle of Cizano Extra Dry Vermouth was however awesome.  As I suggested before and because I was a little afraid that it might be bad I poured a glass of the vermouth.  Now I don’t intend to be a guy who gives tasting notes or even knows what Cizano is supposed to taste like.  I also should note that as of yet I am not sure how old the bottle is or how that might affect the flavor.  I was surprised  by how much I liked it.

I expected the vermouth experience that I had before, but as I am learning the expectation I had of vermouth’s flavor was too specific and too narrow.  Nolly Pratt for example was vastly different as well, nice but unexpected.  So this bottle of Cizano.  Sweet at first, then nutty with a bit of the herbal quality you expect from vermouth.  Overall it was light sweet and pleasant.  The most surprising thing was the aftertaste like macadamia nuts and acorns.

So my question became the use of this nutty vermouth in cocktails.  Sweet drinks ok no problem.  On the other hand savory, spicy drinks, an interesting prospect.  I love a good martini and Cizano paired well with gin but I still am trying to gain the right sense of how I want to mix it.  Additionally I am going to need  choose a good garnish – twists and olives don’t seem to make sence with the delicate nutty flavor.  To tell you the truth I have just been drinking by the glass, neat.  I think the real revelation  is that I like drinking vermouth and that there is a lot more I need to research and try before I will feel like I have a real handle on this thing.  I think I am going out right now to see if there are any more bottles.

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