On the Table Top or Under It?

A night of board games and a pile of drinks is always a good time.  The thing is, the drinks keep getting better, but the old games are feeling, well, old.  Poker is all but dead, and I dread another round of Life, Trivial Pursuit, or any of the word games I’m bad at.  The reality is, I love playing games. I’m super competitive and I actually like beating playing with my friends.  I think I’ve  just needed some new blood, game-wise.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across a show called Table Top on YouTube.  This show is already a pillar of the gaming/geek community that airs shows on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. To the rest of us (I am a closeted geek… Oops! Not anymore) For the rest of you, Table Top is a show where Wil Wheaton hosts and plays games with his sort-of-famous and internet-famous friends.  They highlight award-winning games that really look fun and make me forget that I’m supposed to try act cool when people want to play games.  For me, each one of these games were completely unheard-of and now I want to buy play them all. And also buy them all.  It is a good thing I am not susceptible to that kind of influence.

At the exact moment my new gaming fever hit, I discovered that the show had spawned an international day of gaming called International Table Top Day.  On April fifth, game shops, coffee shops and even a few breweries all over the world participated by inviting people to come and play games, all while offering door prizes and victory prizes for showing up and playing games.  I went, I kicked some butt PONED some folks, and yeah, I spent some money on some new games (victory goes to the game shop, this time).

There are two season of the show so far.  The third has been delayed due to lack of funding as detailed in this Wired article.  Wil Wheaton has decided to reach out to the fans and fund the third season via Indiegogo.  Check out it out; they are just a couple days in and they have raised a ton of money.  Looks like season three is going to be a thing, and for a five spot Will Wheaton promises to hi-five you if he ever sees you.  So go get caught up on the first two seasons, call your friends and grab a pitcher for some mai tais because it is game night!


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