Pedicab Nights: Touring San Diego Cocktail Bars

When I heard that Rob the Rum Scout (on the blog a lot lately) was coming to San Diego I knew that two things had to happen.  The first thing was that we had to go to both Noble Experiment and Craft and Commerce.  The second thing that we had to do was to make another drunken pedicab video.  The first video was really fun to put together and I thought that we should do a cocktail correspondence piece on the back of a pedicab from each city that we meet up in.  Miami might be next.

Anyone who is really serious about their drinking should try to visit these two great San Diego bars.  Noble Experiment is a speakeasy that will only give you reservations via text message, but they really do know their cocktails and they don’t let it get crowded .  Make sure that you give them the heads up that you are a serious drinker, so they don’t have to get into why they don’t carry any vodka.

Craft and Commerce on the other hand requires no reservations but is often packed with local cocktail nerds, hipsters and drinkers of all types.  This sort of craft cocktail bar is often hard squeeze into on a weekend evening, but try them during the week or for Sunday brunch.


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