San Diego Cocktail Week

San Francisco, Manhattan and London have thriving cocktail weeks.  New Orleans has Tales of the Cocktail and Miami Has Rum Fest and here in San Diego we have a burgeoning cocktail week too.  Each year in August we have two great cocktail heavy events that take place on back to back weekends: Tiki Oasis and San Diego Spirits Festival.  Last weekend we brought the Boy Drinks World Team to Tiki Oasis and this weekend we are excited to be heading to the San Diego Spirits Festival.   Already referring to itself as San Diego Cocktail Week the SDSF website says there will be a “week of fun where area bars will be showcasing their tastiest concoctions and serving up drink specials” although today is August 21st and there is no list of these events on the webpage.

Miami Rum Fest, London Cocktail Week, and Tales of the Cocktail all have events during the week that provide specials and encourage us to check out the local bar culture we should mimic this behavior.   I hope to see more events popping up during the week in-between the two festivals.  There was  industry party on the Monday following Tiki Oasis put on by Chilled Magazine and Perfect Puree at Polite Provisions, this was a great example of the type of events hope to see more of during our cocktail week as it grows.  I hope to see bars hosting tiki nights as well as spirit industry sponsored events during this time.  Back on March 3rd when the Speed Rack competition hit San Diego there was a carefully planned week excellent of cocktail events and I am hoping that it was not a one time thing. San Diego in resent years has experienced a renaissance of sorts in our cocktail scene, we have new bars and great bartenders and people who love to drink.  I feel like these events are proof that we are ready for a real wold class cocktail week.

I look forward to seeing all of my San Diego booze friends this weekend as I attend my first San Diego Spirits Festival.

Another round?

Boy Drinks World at Tiki Oasis!

– Ain’t No Party Like a Tiki Party!

– Boy Drinks World ON TREND at Tales of the Cocktail


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