‘Smirnoff White Whiskey — No Smell, No Taste’

Check out this article tweeted the other day by @bittermens.   It is not breaking news.  The article is from 1995 by Bill Ryan from the New York Times and covers history of the Smirnoff brand.

Why should we care about a vodka brand’s history?

It is interesting to see what lengths people will go to, and what lies they will tell to sell more booze.  I was also intrigued to learn that Smirnoff was an American product from its very start and was a hard sell at first.  It’s also interesting that the Moscow Mule was just another cocktail created by a brand rep to sell more vodka.  Read more at the link below, or check out the gallery of vintage Smirnoff ads for a boozy blast from the past.

‘Smirnoff White Whiskey — No Smell, No Taste’


Another round?

So Vodka… Here’s The Thing…

Evolutionary Drinking

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