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Hot Buttered Rum

Boy Drinks World Hot Buttered Rum Recipe (7)

As the holidays draw to a close we can now reflect on our good times and fond memories.  I for one am glad the season is ending.  It was great, but it was also exhausting.  The one thing I will take away was the feeling of serving a new cocktail for the first time at […]

A Punch, a Thing of Beauty Be!

Come ye back from the sea my friend,  lest the scurvy becomes your end. Drink punch with lime, and a ration of rum.  A brimming bowl, like a bucket of chum, It will blithe your spirit and cure your ill, once you have bellied up and drunk your fill! -Boyd Rinksworld  The punch in this video might be Jamaican […]

The Dirty Vesper

To celebrate the birthday of the CIA (founded September 18, 1947), today’s cocktail recipe is an old espionage classic – the Dirty Vesper martini.  Inspired by James Bond’s cocktail of choice in Casino Royale (an icy blend of vodka, gin and Lillet, garnished with a peel of lemon and called a Vesper after his Bond […]

An Old (Hot & Filthy) Favorite

By popular request, here’s a recipe for an old favorite – the Hot and Filthy martini. This drink is served in a cocktail glass with a potent garnish (think an elaborate Bloody Mary garnish or a hot, exotic salad). The goal here is to achieve a savory, spicy, yet very balanced flavor. The Hot & […]

The Cherry Reviver

So I wanted to make a Corpse Reviver #2, but had run out of Lilet Blanc.   Inspired by other variations, I swapped the Lilet for Maraska Maraschino Cherry Liqueur and added a squeeze of blood orange for a nice pink color.  One guest recommended I call this “The Panty Dropper” – although no panty actually dropped, I […]

Maraschino Cherries and the Road to Manhattan

The bar stunk like rotting beer and spoiling fruit… Years ago we outlawed smoking in bars and now, unfortunately, we can smell them. The routine of the bar is well established and deeply ingrained. Chemically flavored, artificially-colored booze; limes, pre-cut at the beginning of a shift and spoiling on the bar by the the cherries, and, oh god, the […]

Cocktail Dogfight

I love a good Greyhound or a Salty Dog, but I find that even this simple drink is pretty repulsive at most bars.  The juice dispensers or little tin cans of grapefruit juice so common at most establishments give an awful, processed or tinny flavor.   Many bars (even those serving “premium” alcohol) are too concerned with […]

The Black and Bleu Martini

James Bond would be proud to drink this half vodka martini. My friends who,  like 007, are not so sure about liking gin yet might be more comfortable toning down the gin with vodka.  Additionally, I seem to be a sucker for Blavod.   (get it? sucker? is this thing on?) The Black and Bleu Martini 1.5 […]

New Year New Drink

So I haven’t posted in some time. I haven’t forgot. I have been learning. Changing my understanding of the way cocktails work. As well as the way they are viewed and applied in our lives. I hope that as I learn I can inform and entertain. Anyway, new cocktail: The Cat-Hatten (Or somthing to that effect) […]

Shaken Not Stirred

James freaking Bond; he said it, and we all live by it. My whole concept of what’s cool comes from Bond, The Godfather and a bunch of other pop-culture influences.  The questions should be asked: “Shaken or Stirred?”, “Is there a difference?”, “Was Bond just being a weirdo?” and “Do we just want to sound cool […]