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Just Another Day In The BDW Test Kitchen

Just another day in the BDW test Kitchen.

Just another day in the BDW test Kitchen.

Long Overdue BDW Update!

Photo Jul 19, 2 28 57 PM

Big news!  We got TTB approval on the Serrano Cocktail Spice!  This means we are trying to move forward at break neck speeds.  One of the first things I am going to do is launch a crowd funding campaign.  This will add desperately needed funds; keeping making the business viable and ensuring that Serrano Cocktail Spice […]

Boy Drinks World ON TREND at Tales of the Cocktail

Boy Drinks World Serrano Cocktail Spice

Just got back from a week at Tales of the Cocktail.  Another year, another great experience at Tales.  There’s too much to write about to share it all now, but I thought I’d put up a link to this great article about some of the cocktail trends spotted this year at Tales, including a nice mention of […]

Bitters Lab


Well, it is all happening very fast.  Boy Drinks World is a business.  I was delivered my first order of commercial grade 190 proof NGA (neutral grain alcohol).  I spent my morning in my rented lab (kitchen) hard at work drying citrus peel and chopping serrano peppers.  I am going to have to work quick […]

Good Wood

Part company mascot and part bitters aging vessel, I am stoked on this great gift. I think I will fill it with Boy Drinks World Serrano Cocktail Spice.   For more gifts check out… Twelve Days of Mixology: Holiday Gift Guide

Muddling in the Heat: 2012 Update

So you take a sip,  sweet, cool and refreshing; you close your eyes in delight as your throat beings to burn.  When I was a kid, some nut-job yogi friend of my mom gave me some of his cayenne lemonade.  It was some sort of alleged health tonic with all sorts of healing properties.  Funny little guy that I was, I […]

Dad’s Gin

One day when looking for a present for my father the idea struck me to doctor up some gin.  I had a pretty bottle with a swing top that I wanted to use for something and I had plenty of gin. I have written before about my enjoyment of and support for Trader Joe’s Rear […]