Tales of the Gin and Tonic?

I recently purchased my tickets to Tales of the Cocktail.  This is a large cocktail convention held each summer in New Orleans.  Tales (as it is affectionately referred to) is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.  I am a newcomer making my first trip.  For many in the cocktail world Tales is an annual pilgrimage.  It is a place were the who’s who of the spirits biz congregate and were bartenders and bar owners alike go to learn new trends and hone their skills.  They have classes, seminars, apprenticeship programs, parties and a tasting room. 

I am very excited about the seminars and classes I am enrolled in.  First among these is Reconsidering the Gin and Tonic, a panel discussion from Jason Wilson, Adam Bernbach and Oscar Diez.  I am a Jason Wilson fan and was very pleased to read his article Gin and Homemade Tonic, a Perfect Match.  From the description of this seminar it seems as though it will be strongly based on and expanding upon that article.  This should have me making my own tonic in no time.  I can’t wait to meet Jason and drink a few G&Ts while I learn about one of my family’s go to cocktails.  I know Dad will be eager to taste the fruits of this seminar.

I will be posting more on Tales of the Cocktail as it draws near.

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