Tell Your Boss Today it’s National Martini Day: Tuesday June 19th 2012

I don’t know who comes up with these “holidays” and more importantly I don’t know why we all have to work today.

I invite you all to enjoy a Martini (that’s right capital “M” Martini).  If you love Martinis please try one my way and if you have never had a Martini this is a perfect opportunity to try one and please try one my way.  I will not give you a recipe.  Martinis are a simple  cocktail that cause way too much debate over this recipe or that recipe.  Instead of a recipe I offer rules; follow these rules to a life full of cocktail wisdom and high-proof nirvana.


1.  A Martini is a combination of Gin and Vermouth brought into perfect balance.  No substitutions allowed.  You may make additions but even this will often change the name.

2.  The garnish does not make the drink.  A garnish should enhance your drink but it is neither a required ingredient or a sticking point. When in doubt see rule #1.  Olives are a nice touch and so is a lemon twist, but have fun.

3.  Always stir your Martini in lots of ice.  This keeps your Martini perfectly clear and undiluted.  Save your shaker for drinks containing juice or egg.

4.  Always use fresh vermouth.  This is very important!  Vermouth is a wine product and wine goes bad.  Give yourself a taste and a smell of your vermouth each time you make Martinis to ensure freshness.  Fresh vermouth should taste like a slightly bitter-sweet wine.  If your vermouth tastes funky toss it out!   Refrigerating your vermouth will help it to last longer.  Opt for small bottles to save room in your fridge and prevent waste.  I also will use vermouth in place of cooking wine to try to use it up faster.

5.  Sweet and dry are worth a try.  A dry Martini is made with dry vermouth and a sweet Martini is made with sweet vermouth, end of story.  There is no such thing as an extra dry martini, that is called a cup of gin.  People trended towards Martinis with little to no vermouth because most bars let their vermouth go bad and it taste like a thousand nasty asses.

6.  The Magical ratio for dry Martinis is 3 to 1, gin to vermouth.  This is not a hard and fast rule.  Start at 3 to 1, but the ratio will change depending on the gin and the vermouth and how the different brands work with each other.  When in doubt use at least an ounce of vermouth and you must taste your cocktails as you make them.  When you achieve the perfect balance it will taste buttery smooth and birds will land on your shoulder and sing in your ear.

7.  Taste your cocktails as you make them.  Always do this so you can make sure they taste right.

I will take my Martini dry with orange bitters and a lemon twist and keep them coming.

Another round!

I swear this blog is not called boy drinks Martinis. No really.

The Trader Joe’s Martini….as I see it.

“Thin Man Martini Montage – 1934″

7 thoughts on “Tell Your Boss Today it’s National Martini Day: Tuesday June 19th 2012

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  2. Dad Reply

    Question: What does a Thousand Nasty Asses taste like? It’s not something that I am familiar with and want to be able to recognize bad vermouth when I taste it.

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  6. Eva Halloween Reply

    Ogden Nash is always worth a revisit on the subject.

    “There is something about a Martini,
    A tingle remarkably pleasant;
    A yellow, a mellow Martini;
    I wish I had one at present.
    There is something about a Martini,
    Ere the dining and dancing begin,
    And to tell you the truth,
    It is not the vermouth –
    I think that perhaps it’s the gin.”

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