The Cuba Libre With a Twist

If you search the web for cocktail creation videos you will find an endless list.  Most of these are terrible.  Some of them are so bad that they are hilarious.  I really like watching these cocktail videos when learning how to make drinks.  Unfortunatly many of them can be a waste of your time.  I find the best way to find quality videos is to search the name of somebody who you trust as reputable like Jim Meehan or Jamie Boudreau.  Another great source for really good drink making technique is the Small Screen Network’s selection.  They combine quality, easy access and a few big names.   

Here is a Venezuelan twist on a Cuba Libre presented by Dave Stolte from Home Bar Basics on Small Screen Network.  This drink sounds cool and in the notes Dave credits Paul Harrington.  Both of these guys know their stuff and I was lucky enough to meet both of them at Tales of the Cocktail.

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