The Sipping Seder

I don’t want to scare you.  This may seem a little off topic at first but this is a little bit life and a little bit drinking.

I recently came into direct contact with my Judaism for the first time in a long time.  I have never been very invested in religion, but to me Judaism is more than a religion.  To me Judaism is my family, my history and my roots.  History is  integral and intertwined  with the very fibers of the Jewish faith.  Every Jewish law and every Jewish ritual is tied directly to an event in our history (to the best of my knowledge).  We had a death in our family.  As a result of this death I spent nearly a week with my family immersed in my heritage.  I learned a lot and I felt a lot.  I still am not invested in religion but I did feel a connection with my ancestors and felt a certain amount of longing for the knowledge and sence of belonging one must have after studying for a lifetime.  Longing or no, I will never fully immerse myself in any religion.

I do however find the stories of my people interesting and enjoy feeling connected once in a while.  When I found the Sipping Seder I was intrigued and after reading on I felt the touch of a world I hardly know.  To take Jewish stories and rituals and express them as cocktails touched on my sence of self and my enthusiasm for cocktails.  For me this makes Judaism more accessible and palatable.  Now I can find the stories of my people intoxicating as well. 


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    • boydrinksworld Reply

      I think that one is the Karpas.

      “At the beginning of the seder, the karpas is dipped into salt water (Ashkenazi custom), vinegar (Sephardic custom) or charoset (Yemenite custom). The practice symbolizes the tears shed by enslaved Jews in Egypt.”

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