The Spicy Side of BDW Launches On INDIEGOGO!


This is it!  This is your chance to look behind the doors at Boy Drinks World and see what I have been up to.  A few short weeks ago, I found out that I had finally gotten formula approval from the TTB for my Serrano Cocktail Spice.  Now you can order a bottle through my fundraising campaign on INDIEGOGO, getting your hands on Serrano Cocktail Spice while at the same time giving me the boost I need to finish getting the BDW Bitters Company off the ground.

Interested? Intrigued?  I hope so.

Please visit the campaign and help get the word out.  Share, re-share and email it to that nice friend of yours that likes to make cocktails every time you come over.  I am asking for your help. Please join the BDW team and you could be the one that makes this all happen.

Ok, let me back up a second.

Serrano Cocktail Spice was created from a kernel of inspiration that hit me in Mexico a few years ago.  Ever since that day, I have been chasing a dream, refining a formula that captures the essence of the serranos’ heat and intricate flavor for everyday use in your favorite adult beverage.  Open a bottle of Serrano Cocktail Spice and you are greeted with the smell of fresh cut peppers. Add it to a drink, and now you are getting somewhere.  Beer becomes more refreshing and cocktails spring to life.  It is not technically bitters, but it works like a bitters, balancing and enhancing cocktails.  However, rather than bitterness, Serrano Cocktail Spice adds a little spicy kick and natural aromatic qualities from the peppers.  You can measure and control the heat in your drinks while bringing out complex flavors that Serrano Cocktail Spice is uniquely suited to bring to life with just a few drops.

Yes, I do still make bitters.

Other flavors are coming soon.  This brings us back to the INDIEGOGO fundraiser . With your help and a bottle or two of Serrano Cocktail Spice, we will have the capital we need to bring unique flavors like BDW Passionfruit Bitters to the market. In addition to the cocktail spice, our campaign is offering a ton of great rewards for various levels of support, so you can do a little early cocktail-lover Christmas shopping while helping get these great products in the hands of a larger drinking audience.  If you can’t support monetarily, please support by sharing the campaign link to friends and family. I need your help and a little will go a long way.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the INDIEGOGO campaign so you can find out for yourself.  You can also find me at Tiki Oasis next weekend and around San Diego, offering a chance to taste and encouraging people to support and share our campaign!

Visit the BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice INDIEGOGO Fundraiser!

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