The Trader Joe’s Martini….as I see it.

Just a note: not all jiggers are created equal, check yours with a measuring cup.

So two Martinis I have been enjoying lately are made entirely with ingredients from Trader Joe’s.

The first is my TJ’s Martini:

3oz Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin

1 oz Dry Vermouth (remember – this must be fresh)

4 Trader Joe’s Brand Garlic Stuffed Olives

Pour over ice, stir (shaking bruises gin), and strain into a large martini glass. Stab the olives onto a long sharp thing and sick’em in.

Next time?  My Hot and Filthy Martini.

4 thoughts on “The Trader Joe’s Martini….as I see it.

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  2. swellkid recipes Reply

    A Dirty Martini is my favorite- not sure if the garlic olives would be too strong for that though. We are just a couple blocks from TJ’s, so I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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