Where is the Calvados?

I am not sure what the calvados marketing strategy for the US is, but in southern California I am pretty sure that it does not exist.

I am a babe in the woods when it comes to apple brandy and, more specifically, calvados.  As far as I know, calvados is brandy made from apples in the Normandy region of France.  My limited experiences with this elixir have left me marginally obsessed.

Each time I enter a bar, or a restaurant, or a liquor store, I ask if they have any calvados (or any apple brandy at all).  With the exception of BevMo, I have been disappointed at almost every turn.  Some restaurants in rare instances are cooking with calvados, which is a good sign, but so far no one is serving it.  I feel like I am a giant pain in the ass for asking all the time, but choose to believe that I ask out of curiosity and research rather than out of snobbery.  But really, who can be sure?

I had a cheap bottle of calvados that had sat in the bar for a year or more.  I was never inspired to try it untill I read Jason Wilsons Boozehound.  He described calvados in such romantic terms that I was inspired.  That bottle was doomed.

The first glass was strange, and hard to process.  The flavor was boozy and complex and alien to me.  I poured glass after glass and slowly got my head around the apple-y goodness.  I still have a lot to learn but now that I have a minor calvados obsession, it won’t be long untill I attack another bottle.

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