Wolves in the Comic Con Jungle

Lloyd Kaufman and Boy Drinks World

July is a wild time in downtown San Diego.  Comic Con brings massive attention and action to our little California beach town.  For some of us we can forget about our baseball woes and our football failures, and for a few precious days it feels like we are in the cool center of the universe.  Our nerdy past (my nerdy past) has become the hot and hard to get ticket.  This is not new news, but the Con definitely gets bigger every year.  This year for the first time in a long time I managed to get tickets and drag my ass down there.  I fought the crowds and traffic just to be spellbound like a teenager all over again.  I took pictures of costumes and celebrities, I schmoozed, I met Lloyd Kaufman, I dressed up and best of all I got invited to some really special events.   This is what Comic Con is all about.
First and foremost in my mind was the mystical magic of Wolvesmouth.  I know I just made it sound like some horror comic book or something from Harry Potter, but Chef Craig Thornton lives up to his Wolvesmouth moniker and his dinners have certain wonderful magic to them.
The awesome people at Dos Equis and their Most Interesting Academy sponsor Chef Thornton and his Wolvesmouth supper club experience.  If you are ever lucky enough to be invited, drop everything and go. First we arrived at a private penthouse with a perfect view of the downtown skyline and lo and behold we were on the list.  These dinners are usually held in Los Angeles and this time Wolvesmouth made a special Comic Con appearance in San Diego.   Dos Equis pays for everything which is a first for me and beer dinners.  All you need to bring is an appetite and a friendly attitude.  Chef Thornton dazzled us with six elegant courses and our hostesses kept the Dos Equis flowing.  The most surprising thing was how subtle Dos Equis was.  Their was no signage and hardly a mention except to ask if I wanted another bottle.  This was kind of brilliant on the part of Dos Equis, but I might have showcased the beer a little bit more either by switching from bottles to an icy keg or doing a beer cocktail perhaps.  Never the less Dos Equis made its mark on the evening in a very subtle and dignified way.

It was a perfect meal amongst really pleasant company.  Name dropping would be… perfect right now.   I sat with a bunch of comic book artists two of which were Charlie Adlard of Walking Dead fame and Paul Horn creator of Cool Jerk.  I also had the pleasure of dining with Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist podcast and MTV of my youth and NFLer and Travel Channel star Dhani Jones and their friends.  Famous or not these were the nicest most engaging people and brave too.  You see I came loaded with the special BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice I have been working on and by the end of the night most of them had put some in their beer.  I knew Dos Equis would be a perfect foil for my Serrano.   People were letting  me spike their drinks  like they knew me.  It was so cool.

Darlene, a local food blogger at My Burning Kitchen and friend, recommended me to the organizers which secured me an invite to this great event.  It pays to have friends with connections.  She also took most of these pictures.

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