World Gin Day, Video of the Week!

So Saturday June 9th 2012 was World Gin Day.  Apparently it falls on the second Saturday in June each year, and apparently I missed it.   I mean I knew it happened, I saw it in my Twitter feed, but I had no gin.  I could have had some but I was drinking beer and one beer led to another and gin just wasn’t celebrated.  Excuses aside, another video of the week for you to watch.

This is David Wondrich in a video by Imbibe magazine making a classic Gin Holland Cocktail.  I am posting this in Honor of World Gin Day so we can all celebrate belatedly.

Watching Wondrich’s careful technique and hearing the history as he tells it is a joy.  We can all learn lots from the master cocktail historian.  If you don’t know who David Wondrich is, it is time to learn.

Another round of boozy videos!

A Punch, a Thing of Beauty Be!

Video of the week May 30 2012: Martini, by Jim Meehan


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