I am Ram Udwin of Boy Drinks World Cocktail Products, creator of specialty cocktail bitters and extracts. As a spirits expert, educator and professional craft bartender, I bring classic cocktail techniques and flavors to modern trends driving the industry. Our products are a reflection of my journey in the craft cocktail movement and are inspired by the amazing local produce available around our southern California production facility.




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  1. Emily Rodia Reply

    Hi Ram,

    My name is Emily and I am the manager of Art in the Age – a spirits tasting room and home bar supply shop located in Philadelphia, PA. I believe a colleague of mine my have reached out a while back to look into stocking your bitters line at our shop. We have been very intrigued by your bitters and would really love to carry them! By any chance could you send me a pricing sheet and contact for wholesale orders?

    I look forward to getting in touch!


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