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BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice Campaign Update

BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice Bottling

  Coming straight from my “Bitter Side of Tiki” seminar at this weekend’s Tiki Oasis, I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has contributed at SPICEMYBEER.COM so far and supported by sharing the campaign! We still have a long way to go but are doing great!  We have some awesome […]

Tiki Oasis 2014 Is Here!

2014 Tiki Oasis

Tiki Oasis starts today!  I’m in the middle of doing final preparation for my symposium this afternoon, The Bitter Side of Tiki.  Since tomorrow (August 16) is National Rum Day,  I thought I’d get a jump on things and share two of the rum recipes I’ll be making in my class today: the EPAC Grotto […]

The Spicy Side of BDW Launches On INDIEGOGO!

BDW Indiegogo Fundraiser

This is it!  This is your chance to look behind the doors at Boy Drinks World and see what I have been up to.  A few short weeks ago, I found out that I had finally gotten formula approval from the TTB for my Serrano Cocktail Spice.  Now you can order a bottle through my […]

I’m On Fire: Hot Halloween Cocktails from Boy Drinks World

Featured Image -- 1890

I’ve teamed up with the nice folks at The Year of Halloween to do a giveaway in support of my Indiegogo campaign!  Click on the link below and let them know you’ve supported the BDW Serrano Cocktail Spice fundraiser by getting a bottle or sharing the link of Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll be entered […]

On the Tiki Trail – Prepping for Tiki Oasis with DIY Falernum


First off, Tiki oasis is coming up (August 14-17).  For those of you who have never been, here is a quick primer: Tiki Oasis is a huge tiki festival in San Diego, California.  If you are into tiki or Rockabilly or Fifties pop culture or if you aren’t into any of that but enjoy Hawaiian […]

Long Overdue BDW Update!

Photo Jul 19, 2 28 57 PM

Big news!  We got TTB approval on the Serrano Cocktail Spice!  This means we are trying to move forward at break neck speeds.  One of the first things I am going to do is launch a crowd funding campaign.  This will add desperately needed funds; keeping making the business viable and ensuring that Serrano Cocktail Spice […]

On the Table Top or Under It?


A night of board games and a pile of drinks is always a good time.  The thing is, the drinks keep getting better, but the old games are feeling, well, old.  Poker is all but dead, and I dread another round of Life, Trivial Pursuit, or any of the word games I’m bad at.  The […]

Papa’s Pilar


I am always intrigued to find great new products.  New is always exciting and Papa’s Pilar rum hits that mark, being barely a year old. However, new is only the start of what’s interesting about this rum. The team that put it together really hit a home run.  From concept to packaging, to the  absolute […]

BDW Bitters and Cocktail Spice

Boy Drinks World Bitters

If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve gotten a chance to try our prototype Boy Drinks World Bitters and Serrano Cocktail Spice, congratulations, and thank you for your support!  For everyone else, rest assured we are working our way through licensing to bring our specialty hand-crafted cocktail ingredients to the market – we are as eager for […]

Happy New Year!!!!

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