Pharmacology of the Spirit

2013 Holiday Shopping Guide – For The Boozehound Who Has Everything

Octopus Sculpture Hip Flask by Elstwhen

The holidays are coming up way too fast.  I don’t know where the year went, but now is a great time to think about getting something special for that lovable drunk in your life.  This list mostly focuses on things for carrying your booze around (and for some reason a juicer for the boozehound that has […]

San Diego Spirits Festival


This summer, I attended the San Diego Spirits Festival and I have been meaning to write about it for some time.  I think I needed some time to mull it over.  After going to several spirits events around the same time, I was worried that my perspective might have been a bit skewed.  There were […]

Half Baked Cartoons

Half Baked Cartoons

Rick Ellis at Half Baked Comics must have been a bartender in a past life. Want more?  Harry P? ‘Smirnoff White Whiskey — No Smell, No Taste’

Hot Off the Presses

I was pleased to wake up today to an article by Warren Bobrow that list Boy Drinks World Bitters among the best bitters in the world.  Thanks Warren, you made my day!   Check out the other great bitters in the article by Warren Bobrow, the Cocktail Whisperer, in Beverage Media magazine.  Thanks guys!  

San Diego Cocktail Week


San Francisco, Manhattan and London have thriving cocktail weeks.  New Orleans has Tales of the Cocktail and Miami Has Rum Fest and here in San Diego we have a burgeoning cocktail week too.  Each year in August we have two great cocktail heavy events that take place on back to back weekends: Tiki Oasis and San […]


Volcano Bowl by Tartines to Tikis

Tiki Oasis is done for another year and it was a blast! Before I can write about it, I need to recover, so in the meantime, take a look at this recap (and kind words about BDW) from the lovely Tartines to Tikis (which you should already be reading if you have a passion for […]

Boy Drinks World at Tiki Oasis!

BDW Tiki Oasis Drink Menu

If you’re celebrating summer the tiki way at Tiki Oasis this weekend, don’t forget to stop by our event during the room crawl!  We’ll be serving up a whole menu of drinks featuring Boy Drinks World Bitters – it’s tiki with a bitter twist! Another round? – Boy Drinks World Bitters Lab – Ain’t No Party […]

Rise of the Zombie: A Killer Cocktail

1960's tiki bar

‘Smirnoff White Whiskey — No Smell, No Taste’

Frank 'Killer Jo' Piro Vintage Ad Smirnoff for Swingers

Check out this article tweeted the other day by @bittermens.   It is not breaking news.  The article is from 1995 by Bill Ryan from the New York Times and covers history of the Smirnoff brand. Why should we care about a vodka brand’s history? It is interesting to see what lengths people will go […]

Boy Drinks World ON TREND at Tales of the Cocktail

Boy Drinks World Serrano Cocktail Spice

Just got back from a week at Tales of the Cocktail.  Another year, another great experience at Tales.  There’s too much to write about to share it all now, but I thought I’d put up a link to this great article about some of the cocktail trends spotted this year at Tales, including a nice mention of […]